Know Your Rights!

Open Doors has produced a new video for anyone currently renting a home in the private rented sector or for anyone who may become a tenant in the private rented sector at some point in the future. 
An increase in the number of people accessing private rented housing means the sector is now being used by a more diverse range of people than ever before. Whilst all tenants living in the private rented sector may experience occasional issues related to their home, landlord or letting agent, Open Doors recognises that private tenants from diverse backgrounds may unfortunately be more likely to experience specific tenancy related issues. These issues are made worse if tenants do not have an understanding of their rights or the confidence to challenge any unfair treatment. 
At Open Doors, we want to make the private rented sector a fairer and more secure place and ensure everyone is able to live free from discrimination and mistreatment. We do this by supporting tenants to learn about their rights under the Equality Act (2010). This is the law which protects people in the UK from discrimination, harassment and victimisation based on who they are.
Please watch our video below. We also welcome feedback so please fill this form which should take no longer than 1 minute! 

Open Doors wants all current and prospective tenants in the private rented sector to remember that the Equality Act (2010) provides a legislative framework which safeguards them from discrimination or mistreatment and places a legal duty on landlords and letting agents to comply.
Please take the time to watch our video and share it widely so that we can continue creating a community of empowered private tenants, who not only understand their rights, but have the confidence to act on them and are equipped with the knowledge to support themselves and others. 

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Know Your Rights!

Open Doors has produced a new video for anyone currently renting a home in the private rented sector. 

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