Spring Cleaning Checklist for Tenants and Landlords


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Now that the sun is rising earlier, we’re beginning to see spring on the horizon. This always gives us a renewed store of energy, which inspires us to have a good cleanout of our homes!

A checklist is handy for tenants preparing for a property inspection, or for landlords looking to get their let ready for the next tenancy. 

Leaving a rented home in a poor state will only cause friction between tenants and landlords, so it is vital to look after the property. However, we would like to remind landlords and letting agents not to allow worries about the upkeep of the let to lead to discrimination against those looking to live there. 

For example, you may have heard of buy-to-let tycoon Fergus Wilson. He makes many controversial decisions as a landlord, with one being to ban Indian and Pakistani tenants, due to a couple causing a property of his to have a “curry smell” that cost him about £12,000 to fix

A generalised opinion such as this is unfair to individuals, and could cause you to miss out on reliable tenants. Doing thorough background checks will help you to determine whether a potential tenant is truly trustworthy.

In order to help make the task of cleaning your house as simple as possible, we have shared our top tips on how to go about cleaning your property, room by room:


Living room

- Vacuum under all tables and chairs

- Clean the sofa – take the cushions off and vacuum in every gap

- Wipe down all surfaces – use the appropriate cleaning product for wood and glass

- Now is a great time to consider moving furniture around, to give the living space a fresh look!



- Empty cupboards and drawers, then clean out any crumbs

- Wipe down the exterior of cupboards

- Have a sort out of tinned goods and other useful items, to donate any that are unwanted (still in date) to your local food bank

- Wash and polish the sink area and taps

- Wipe down and remove the grease from any wall tiles

- Clean out extractor fans and inside the oven

- Scrub hob areas and the control knobs

- Clean surfaces with antibacterial spray

- Clean out the microwave and toaster

- Vacuum or sweep the floor, to pick up any bits, then mop thoroughly



- Sort out clothes – separate into piles of any that need washing or mending, and those that can be donated to a clothes bank

- Wipe down furniture, wall hangings and curtain poles

- Thoroughly vacuum all mattresses

- Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors



- Wipe down all tiled areas

- Clean the bath, shower, sink and taps, including plugholes

- Scrub and disinfect the toilet

- Wipe down any cabinets

- Clean out the extractor fan, if your bathroom has one

- Mop the floor



- Mow the lawn, but be careful not to cut it too short, as this can damage the grass, resulting in patchy areas

- Pull up any weeds around flower beds, gaps in paving slabs and on the driveway

- Trim back any hedges and bushes

- Wipe down garden furniture


All over

- Remove any stains on carpets and walls

- Clean all windows thoroughly, to remove grime and fingerprints

- Empty all rubbish bins and sanitise them

- Wipe away grime from skirting boards and doors

- Wipe down radiators

- Dust in corners and the ceiling, to remove cobwebs

- Polish any mirrors and picture frames

- Dust off all light fittings and lampshades

Every home has individual features, to fit the needs of those living there, so not all of these points will be applicable. However, we hope that this at least provides you with a starting point. You could print off this list and check them off as you go, and even add your own tasks. 

Tenants, not only will you be keeping your landlord happy with such a deep clean, as they will be able to see that you have been taking care of their property, but you are sure to feel the positive effects of a clean and fresh home! 

Landlords, sometimes it can be a massive task to clean a property at the end of a tenancy, but by breaking it into smaller jobs, you will hopefully find it easier to manage.



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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Tenants and Landlords

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