I attended this course as a Private landlord which came as a shock to the other participants! The other attendees were mainly housing professionals working to support tenants in their tenancies. It was great to network with these professionals and understand the types of issues that they are seeing so that I can give my perspective as a private landlord. We had some great discussions around the possible issues with Universal Credit and how to overcome them, and how for younger people affordable housing is a key issue because of the shared bedroom rate. Another area of discussion was the Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) which is where the housing segment of Universal Credit goes directly to the landlord.

Understanding Universal Credit from the perspective of a tenant is crucial as a private landlord because you can really think of key factors around how your tenants are going to cope with the migration from legacy benefits to Universal Credit. You can really think about whether your tenants really understand the process, how their money will change and what they are and aren’t entitled to. As a private landlord who wants to work with tenants to ensure that they have a sustainable tenancy, these conversations are really important. Universal Credit is a huge change, people are not used to this so they need help. As private landlords, we need help in understanding too!

The training was excellent, I’m really glad I went. Understanding what a tenant is entitled to what priceless to me because now I can work with my tenants to help them understand the process which over time, helps everyone.

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