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Open Doors and the Big Issue: helping people to help themselves.

Open Doors Project Officer, Nazia speaks about the types of PRS challenges vendors at the Big Issue Cymru offices are having. 

Open Doors Tenant Guides

Open Doors presents our two new tenant guides. 

A little more conversation..

Open communication and understanding is an integral feature of any good relationship. The tenant/landlord relationship is no different. 

Mental Health and the Private Rented Sector

Having a ‘home’ is more than just having a roof over our head. Having somewhere to call home is essential to living a healthy and well-balanced life for everyone.

From Hostel to the Private Rented Sector

Tenant Champion Damien gives his insight in to the challenges of hostel residents moving to the PRS. 

I'm a refugee, will you rent to me?

Open Doors contacted Welsh Refugee Council to learn more about the experiences of refugees that live within the private rented sector in Cardiff. Services Manager, Salah Rasool spoke to us about the difficulties that he had within his role to encourage landlords in accepting tenants that had refugee status.

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